Introduction to Pepper Spray, Tear Gas Spray

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The tear spray is convenient to carry and easy to use. It can make the target lose the ability to attack in a short time and cause great pain to the target. It has good shock and awe ability and is suitable for dealing with criminal suspects with weapons in hand. However, most target suspects underestimate the power of spray because they have never felt the effect of spray, so many targets will be indifferent to the warning of the police. Moreover, after being sprayed, the effect will not be immediate, and many targets with weapons will continue to attack the police, so the use of a certain risk.

Target perception

After the target is sprayed with the tear spray, the effect does not occur immediately. It takes 5-10 seconds for the effect to begin. The target will not be able to open his eyes, his face will be red due to intense burning, and will cause great pain to the target. The target will stop attacking the police because of the intense pain and crouch down on the ground. The target at this point, although full of hate for the officer who sprayed him, but more wish to help ease his pain.