Spray Application

Anti wolf spray, also known as self-defense spray, pepper spray or pepper water, is a tool for riot prevention or self-defense. It uses spray cans to spray irritant substances on the face of the other party, so that the face of the other party is strongly stimulated, thus preventing the attack of the other party.

Generally speaking, it has three purposes. Firstly, law enforcement personnel disperse rioters or subdue criminals. Secondly, ordinary people use it to prevent others from infringing on themselves, including using it to prevent sexual predators from infringing on their own women. This is also the origin of the name "anti wolf spray". 3、 Outdoor enthusiasts develop or engage in other activities outdoors to dispel attacks from wild animals.

The anti wolf spray is usually a water spray, but if the wind direction is wrong, it will be sprayed on the user, so some will be changed into water column, foam or gel, and added with colorants that are not easy to clean for law enforcement units to identify criminals as evidence.

The main ingredient of ordinary personal anti wolf spray is pepper oil, including water soluble and fat soluble. The spray method is mainly spray, and the water column method is less. The main components of police tear spray are CS, CN and SN, of which CS is widely used, with the basic content index of 3% - 5%. Once ordinary citizens illegally purchase, carry, or use police equipment, they will be punished by the police for illegally holding them. Ordinary citizens can use pepper spray without toxic gas.