Special police equipment

Special police equipment is a type of police equipment used by special police officers. Special police officers are a type of police officer responsible for certain special tasks, and they are special elites among the police. Specially responsible for various special dangerous tasks, such as rescuing hostages, besieging terrorists, or bandits with powerful firepower and weapons, etc.

The "Standards for Equipping Single Police Officers in Public Security" are divided into five chapters: General Provisions, Equipping Objects, Equipping Items, Equipping Quantity, and Supplementary Provisions, totaling 25 articles, which stipulate the basic equipment equipping of police officers at all levels of public security organs nationwide. The equipment items mainly include mandatory items such as police uniforms, batons, handcuffs, tear gas sprayers, strong flashlights, police standard knives, police water bottles, first aid kits, multi-functional belts, anti cutting gloves, and a total of 15 optional items such as firearms, walkie talkies, police uniforms, anti stab clothing, and police equipment kits.