The use and introduction of batons and batons

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The slingstick is derived from the short stick, or rather, the slingstick is a kind of short stick, but it has some characteristics of its own. Collectively known as the telescopic baton, it is widely used in law enforcement and personal defense around the world.

Because most of the way out of the stick is hard, the stick is commonly known as the name. The history of the stick can be traced back to World War II in Germany.

The sling is a civilian item. There is no clear legal restriction in China, but it is forbidden to carry the sling on trains, planes, etc

Lethality: compared with ordinary batons, if the same force is used to swing, because the first section of the batons is smaller, the contact area is small, the pressure generated under the same pressure is larger, and itself is steel, lethality than ordinary batons must be stronger. Therefore, do not use a swinging stick to hit the head and neck of the human body and other vital parts.

Center of gravity: The center of gravity of the ordinary short stick is in the middle. When holding, it needs to leave about a grip distance at the end, so that the center of gravity is close to the holding hand to improve the control. The center of gravity of the stick itself is relatively far back, in the second section near the handle, can be said to have good control with the birth.

Locking: On the market, the swing stick is mostly by the friction of the overlap between the section and the section of the cone to lock (except for mechanical locking type), the higher the processing accuracy of the joint, the closer the contact, the more firm and reliable the locking. It should be noted that, because it is locked by friction, it will be strongly shaken when hitting hard objects for many times. No matter how good the swinging stick is, it is possible to unlock it. Therefore, when using the technique of stabbing in actual combat, it is necessary to grasp whether the locking state of the stick is intact.

There are many brands of swinging sticks at home and abroad. Generally speaking, swinging sticks that can be seen in China can be roughly divided into four kinds according to the difference in structure

Steel clamp: Used by most slings. The stick is locked by the friction between the joint and the joint overlap, so the overlap should be well engaged to ensure that the stick does not unlock easily when poking or vibrating. At the tail of the sling, between the tail cap and the handle, there is a steel clamp consisting of a circular base and two reeds. In the contracted state, the two reeds of the steel clip are braced against the inner wall of the thinnest section, preventing the bar from slipping out on its own.

The advantages of steel card type are:

First, the resistance of the swinging stick can be changed by adjusting the Angle of the steel spring.

Two steel cards can be easily replaced.

Magnetic suction: The difference between the steel card type and the steel card type is that the steel card behind is replaced by a magnet, magnetic suction swinging stick has two disadvantages:

A tail cap occupies a considerable length, compared with the steel clip, under the same contraction length, the magnetic suction type of extension length is shorter, that is to say, the ineffective length of the magnetic suction rod is larger;

The magnet used in the two magnetic magnets is strong, which will have an adverse effect on mobile phones, watches, magnetic cards and other items. Of course, this does not mean that the magnetic suction will be worse than the steel card, the steel card of the steel card swinging stick is used excessively or in a state of tension for a long time will have fatigue phenomenon, magnetic suction is a good solution to this point, the tail of the magnet can be uninterrupted to provide uniform and moderate attraction; In addition, there are a lot of magnetic rod magnets are installed in the most detailed, this can also reduce the length of unnecessary.

Self - firing: a domestic self - firing rod structure. The first section of the stick has a ring of grooves at the root of the stick. When it shrinks, the clip on the handle will get stuck in the groove. When the switch on the handle is pressed, the clip lifts and a strong spring inside the stick will pop the first two sections out.

Cons: The switch on the handle can affect the comfort of the grip.

Mechanical locking: The first three types of swinging sticks are all frictional locking, which relies on friction to lock when opened. The mechanical locking sling relies on the connected part of the spring to complete the extended state of the lock. When retracting the stick, press the button at the end to easily recover it.


A firmly locked, extended state can withstand great vertical forces without retracting;

The two folding sticks are convenient and quick.


First, because the connecting part is not as close as the friction lock swinging stick after opening, so there will be a slight shaking between the joints;

Two complex structure, easy to break and difficult to repair.

That's the structure of the sling. According to other different standards, the swinging stick can also be divided into many kinds, such as according to the different material can be divided into steel swinging stick, aluminum alloy swinging stick, nylon swinging stick, according to the handle of the different can be divided into rubber handle swinging stick, all steel embored swinging stick, according to the number of different sections can be divided into two sections, three sections, four sections of swinging stick, and so on, and so on, here will not be repeated.

China can see swinging sticks, according to the difference in material can be roughly divided into three kinds.

Metal sling: The main body of the sling is made of metal materials, such as manganese steel, stainless steel, aviation aluminum and so on.

Among them, there are the following obvious ones on the market:

Slotted steel: A sling made of welded iron sheets, not real steel. There's a sling on the market for less than 30 yuan. Remove the stick and you can see the obvious seam. This kind of stick is a problem in ordinary use, let alone in practice.

Seamless steel: mainly made of stainless steel material, no seams. It's three seamless steel pipes. Most of them are made of domestic police clubs.

No. 45 hardened steel: also called "oil steel" is No. 45 steel after quenching, the domestic "rattlesnake" brand swinging rod is made of this material.

Alloy steel: Made of alloy steel, such as chrome-molybdenum alloy steel, manganese steel, etc. It is the main material of many domestic and foreign brands.

Polyester sling: The main body of the sling is made of polyester material. It is characterized by light weight and easy to carry. It causes more pain to the muscle tissue at the point of impact, making it easier to whip, but it poses little threat to life.

Carbon fiber stick: The main material is carbon fiber. It is characterized by light weight, easy to carry, beautiful appearance and good strength at the same time. Same effect as above.