The use and explanation of electric batons and electric shock batons

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Electric rod can corona people to consider the factors are: electric rod output voltage, personal physical quality and motor parts.

The acceptable safe voltage for human body is not higher than 36V. The voltage of the rod is high and the current is low. It can knock people down, but it won't kill them. The general corona voltage is about 50V. To prevent gangsters, it is best to shock his limbs, the shock time is generally not more than 3 seconds, do not shock the head, heart and other important parts of the human body.

The rods use large-capacity capacitors and booster transformers to output high-voltage pulses of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of volts instantaneously. Human body is hit by high voltage pulse, current through the nerve will appear paralysis and spasm, severe pain will cause shock. Although different people have different tolerance to electric shock, but generally more than 100,000 volts of electric rod is basically no one can resist.

Introduction of electric rod:

Electric stick 17.2 cm long, compact and portable, the actual voltage of 300,000 volts, instant call people lose resistance, for about three seconds, you can fall down but not dizzy, personal constitution is different fall time is three to ten minutes, after the electricity is used up, direct charge 4-8 hours can be, the indicator is always on.

Introduction of electric shock stick:

Stun sticks are small weapons used for self-defense. They do not fatally injure a criminal, but they can incapacitate him for a short period of time, preventing him from committing further crimes against others. Principle: High voltage pulse electric shock, can shock people across the clothes.

Introduction to the structure of electric shock stick:

The main structure is composed of high quality integrated block and rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery. The main external structure is mainly composed of ABS hard rubber injection molding and metal materials. Generally, there are one or several pairs of metal shock heads in the front of the product, and there are electric shock insurance switches at the back end. Pressing the electric shock switch can produce a strong electric shock.

Common in security rooms, the appearance of the mace like flashlight, at the same time can emit high voltage current.

Basic working principle of flashlight:

The low voltage generated by the battery (lithium battery/nickel metal hydride battery) discharge through the pulse oscillator and high voltage generator produces 0-50,000 volts of high voltage, at the same time, the electric shock head of the front end of the multiple electrodes will not contact each other in the air will produce high voltage arc, so as to discharge.

Tips: At present, the flashlight is basically high-voltage pulse discharge, although the instantaneous output voltage is very high, but the duration is very short, not fatal to the human body, winter we take off the sweater when the static electricity is 1500 ~ 3500 volts, but the duration of static electricity is very short, we have not felt the strong stimulus, static electricity has disappeared.

In the occurrence of electric shock risk, the real danger to the human body is in fact a large current, the so-called "safety voltage (36V)" is in fact a safety current (10mA) multiplied by the average resistance value of the human body (1700-2000Ω) and obtained a number, so different people contact the safety voltage (36V) produced by the reaction is also different, And the current through the body is different.

The safety current of human body is 10mA, and the output current of flashlight is generally 5-15mA. Within this range, human body can get rid of the power independently, without causing sustained shock injury, and the flashlight will not cause danger to human body in a short time.

Reaction of human body to current in different range of power frequency (for reference only)

Physiological reactions caused by human contact with flashlight:

1. When the electrode head touches the human body, the current will flow through the human tissue through the heart, lung and other important organs. When it touches the skin of the electrode head, a strong feeling of acupuncture will be generated, and the human muscles will become numb and involuntarily twitch.

2. Flashlight contact with human body will cause slight muscle contraction and numbness within 2 to 5 seconds, will make people fall to the ground within 2 to 5 seconds, human body will appear temporary dysfunction (dizziness, vomiting, weakness, short time of urinary incontinence), after a few minutes to return to normal, more than 5 seconds will make people completely lose resistance (urinary incontinence), after a few minutes to return to normal, Prolonged shock can cause a person to go into electroshock (which may cause damage to nervous system function that is difficult to recover from).

Note: It is strictly prohibited to try the power of the shock device without protective measures to prevent danger.

Tip: The basic principle of a stun gun is the same as that of a flashlight. The physical reaction to a stun gun is the same.